Matthew Moran

Bachelor of Architecture

With my mom being an elementary school art teacher I was exposed to design and found a love for it at a very young age. In high school, I would draw buildings, landscapes, boats and all sorts of other things in my notebooks rather than actually taking notes. It was when I took a woodworking class that I discovered my passion for not only drawing but building what I imagined. That's when my decision to pursue architecture came. It's been 7 years since that decision and I could not be happier with the journey I have taken along the way. My experience at NJIT has exposed me to so many interesting and unique individuals that continue to inspire me to want to do great things and persist in my passion for design. I’m thankful for everybody that has helped me along the way to becoming the designer that I am today. NJIT has taught me to see design and building in an entirely different light and through multiple perspectives. I look forward to the future that this school has prepared me for.