The Makers: Prototyping Construction Tools

This “Robotic Fabrication and Assembly Processes: Prototyping Construction Tools” design option studio (Fall 2019) investigated strategies for robotically-assisted construction processes combining conventional and emerging material technologies. Specifically, it focused on designing and prototyping of the task-specific robotic end-effectors (custom fabrication tools) for the ABB 4600 robotic arm. Students worked with embedded components (sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers) to design automated toolsets capable of performing particular construction assembly/fabrication tasks. more in

Graduate & Doctoral Programs

Master of Architecture

NJIT’s Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) is a NAAB accredited and STEM designated program developed for a new generation of leaders in architecture.

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Master of Science in Architecture (MS. Arch.)

NJIT’s Master of Science in Architecture is a NAAB accredited and STEM designated program for graduates and professional specialization.

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Master of Infrastructure Planning

Master of Infrastructure Planning (MIP) is a 36-credit, interdisciplinary post-professional urban design program that focuses on innovative urban design and planning practice that is informed by in-depth local analysis and global understanding of large-scale forces at work in city-making and urbanization.

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Graduate Double Majors


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Ph.D. in Urban Systems

A joint doctoral program between New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University - Newark, the program aims to enable graduates to generate research-based knowledge of urban systems and to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of policy and services for urban populations.

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NJIT’s certificate programs are designed for graduates and professionals who want to specialize in Sustainable Building Design, Digitally Augmented Architecture, Sustainable Cities and Urban Ecologies, or Real Estate Design and Development.

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Meet Some of Our Alumni

We prepare students for a plethora of options beyond traditional architecture and design careers.

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Jonathan  Isaacs

“Working at Callison RTKL after graduating, I saw a lot of my experience at NJIT really having an impact in the field right away.”

Jonathan Isaacs
Class of 2018

Carol   Hong

“The graduate program provided me with a diverse education.”

Carol Hong
Class of 2012

Tom   Bury

“I worked very hard at NJIT, and I'll be honest--that degree has gotten me exactly where I am today.”

Tom Bury
Class of 2002