Kassandra Nicole Ulloa

Bachelor of Architecture

My love for architecture came from my dad. A dream of his own he couldn't pursue, but he pushed and supported me from the moment he shared his love for architecture with me. I remember starting this journey and being fascinated with the architecture of happiness. How a space can change someone's life completely with architecture making a distinctive contribution. I wanted to do just that, help people through the design of space not only focusing on the physical, but also the psychological. I am most grateful for the studios that pushed me to think conceptually, pushed me beyond the boundaries of existence and asked the deeper questions of how we could change the world and better the future through our designs. I don’t know what my future beholds, but I know one thing for sure and that is that I will design to help people. Architecture has a huge influence on our identity and the quality of our surroundings mold us to be who we are. LinkedIn, Email, Instagram.