Disha Gajera

Bachelor of Architecture

This girl who everyone knows who transferred from a totally different country-India. Somehow I got to enter the 2nd year of the B.Arch program at HCAD - a totally unexpected moment. Thanks to the admission staff who believed in me and transferred the whole 1st year. Yes, I didn't speak fluent English and wrote very badly. I took ESL courses at NJIT in the early semesters and caught up with classmates by taking summer-winter courses. One thing was clear, every semester in the HCAD environment, with the faculty, the classmates who inspired me to always do more and compete with them gave me the push I needed. Starting from almost zero I have become someone who is extremely confident, socialized and professional now only in 4 years at NJIT. This program gave me wings such that now even before graduating I have got offers from architectural firms. Never in the world I had imagined myself witnessing these moments. I would say one thing before I end this short self story that, I am thankful to the hard times and struggles during these years, without that I wouldn't have found my strength and never would have appreciated the good times. LinkedIn, Instagram