Chloe Elizabeth Blottman

Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design

Chloe Blottman

Chloe, 22, is a graduating fourth year Interior Design student. She proudly served as the Co-President of the HIllier College of Architecture and Design (HCAD), International Interior Design Association (IIDA) chapter for two years. HCAD and its interior design program has provided Chloe with invaluable networking and leadership opportunities, the ability to represent NJIT in the IIDA Student Design Charette and IIDA Chapter Leadership Conference. She earned her first internship with Ware Malcomb through the NJIT Career Fair and her current internship at M Moser Associates through NJIT alumni relations. Chloe joins M Moser as a full-time designer upon graduation. She is grateful for her professors and peers who continue to support one another in the collaborative design environments instilled by the HCAD community. Chloe will forever cherish the wonderful memories and experiences that defined her extraordinary college career at NJIT. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram