Alin Rahman

Bachelor of Architecture

I am the third son to immigrant parents from Bangladesh. I moved to the United States freshman year of high school in 2009, and I really struggled with the language and cultural barriers. For the longest time I felt like an outsider and it was difficult for me to make friends. My father was an architect, engineer and inventor and my mother is a college graduate who decided to take care of me and my siblings instead of pursuing a professional career. I am grateful for all they have sacrificed and done for me, and inspired me to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles I had to overcome.I graduated from Bloomfield High School in 2012, and was accepted as a freshman in the B. Arch program at NJIT. During my senior year of high school my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he passed away in 2013 and I dropped out of college. After taking some courses at a community college I returned to NJIT in 2017, and by that time I had learned the value of a good education and I was determined to finish mine. I am proud to say today I have accomplished one of my life long dreams of graduating with a B. Arch degree from NJIT. I could not have done it without the support of my family, friends I made at NJIT and the faculty and staff. Thank you!