Weston Hall

Opened in 1998 and designed by the Hillier Group, the expanded and renovated Weston Hall is home to the College of Architecture and Design at NJIT. With the exception of the residence halls, it is the only building on campus used regularly 24 hours per day.


Barbara & Leonard Littman Architecture Library

Housed in Weston Hall, the Barbara and Leonard Littman Library is fittingly located in the heart of the New Jersey School of Architecture. Heavily used by students, faculty and alumni, the Littman Library is not only a repository of knowledge, but also a central part of the active information generation and dissemination at NJSOA.


Center for Building Knowledge

The Center for Building Knowledge (CBK) is a research and training institute affiliated with the College of Architecture and Design at NJIT.  CBK is dedicated to generating new knowledge to improve the built environment and enhance the quality of life.  Led by Executive Director Deane Evans, CBK's mission is to help individuals and communities make better-informed decisions concerning the built environment.


The Idea Factory

The Idea Factory will provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to generate ideas, products and proprietary designs.  It will be an exciting, creative environment; it will inspire and encourage the development of ideas; it will create opportunities to develop intellectual property; it will be a magnet for the best and the brightest designers.


Print Room

The CoAD print facility is located in Weston Hall 561 and is staffed by student volunteers under the coordinated efforts of CoAD faculty and Imaging Lab IT staff. Services provided include color printing (Hewlett Packard 1220C inkjet and Xerox/Tektronix Phaser 780 laser), large-format plotting (Hewlett Packard 1050 CM+), and image scanning. Standard black & white laser printing (Hewlett Packard 5000N) for all undergraduate architecture students is centralized in this facility.

Students or faculty who wish to use the Print Room services MUST have a CoAD computer account.


Model Shop

The Model Shop provides facilities for students to create physical models of student work.The shop includes a variety of traditional woodworking equipment as well as a 50-watt laser cutter connected to the College of Architecture and Design network to give students the opportunity to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical, as AutoCAD and Corel files can be transferred directly when creating detailed models in wood, cardboard, or Plexiglas.