Littman Architecture & Design Library

Located at the heart of the College Littman Architecture & Design Library is home to a specialized architecture and design collection as well as the Materials Library.

Computing Resources

Find out about the Imaging Laboratory and information technology resources; software; Building Information Modeling (BIM); and student computer requirements.

Kepler System

A proprietary and password protected application, Kepler is the digital archive of student work that allows the College to keep track of all work done in all classes.

Fabrication Facilities

The Model Shop provides facilities for students to create physical models, including a variety of traditional woodworking and metal working equipment as well as laser cutters.

Print Room

The CoAD print facility is located in Weston Hall and is staffed by student volunteers under the coordinated efforts of CoAD faculty and Imaging Lab IT staff.

Career Development Services

CDSlink is NJIT's online job posting, job listing system. It enables students and alumni to connect with employers and non-profit agencies, on-campus interviews, volunteering and many events.