Print Facility

The College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) hosts a print output facility in Weston 561. This facility is staffed primarily by CoAD student volunteers and is managed under the coordinated efforts of CoAD faculty and Imaging Lab IT staff. The efforts of dedicated student volunteers keep this print facility open and operational during posted hours. Volunteers provide services as a courtesy and receive no monetary compensation. Please note that an individual must have a CoAD computer account in order to use Print Room facilities.


Black & White Laser Printing

All CoAD students are given a 300 page black & white laser printing quota per semester. This quota may be used to print any combination of letter (8½" x 11") or tabloid (11" x 17") pages. After the 300-page quota has been exhausted, students may replenish at the rate of $.10/page to help cover the cost of printing supplies and maintenance in order to continue printing. Information on replenishing your quota is available at the CoAD Print Facility. Students may keep track of their print quota by using utilities provided on CoAD networked computers. All laser printers for undergraduates are located within the print facility and are accessible during posted hours. Printers for graduate students are located within respective studio spaces.


Additional Print Services

The print room also offers color inkjet printing, color laser printing, and large format color inkjet plotting. In addition, large-format scanning and binding services are available for use. There is a fee structure in place calculated to cover the material costs of these services. All provided services are a courtesy, and there is no guarantee that services can or will be delivered within user-imposed timeframes. Furthermore, the print facility operates independently of academic requirements; completing academic work properly and on-time is ultimately the responsibility of the student. The print facility and its volunteers assume no responsibility for, and may not be implicated in, any failure by a student to complete required coursework. It should be noted that students are not required to use the print facility and may purchase personal printers or use commercially available print output services such as those offered by Staples, Kinko's, Office Max, etc.

(Please note that CoAD and/or any of its representatives neither endorse the use, nor guarantee the quality of, any off-site commercial services. Nor does CoAD and/or any of its representative guarantee the ability of any commercial facility to produce output with student-supplied files.)