Martina Decker

Contact Info

Office: Colton 333
Phone: 973-596-5371
Dept: College of Architecture and Design

About Me

Martina Decker is an Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture and Design and the director of the Idea Factory at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is originally from Munich, Germany where she received her professional architecture degree from the University of Applied Sciences. Ms. Decker has worked on a wide range of award-winning projects that show her penchant for interdisciplinary work. They include art installations, consumer products and buildings. She pursues design innovation through the exploration of emergent materials, working directly with various types of smart materials and nanomaterials. At NJIT, Martina continues her interdisciplinary endeavors in her Material Dynamics Lab.

The Material Dynamics Lab was established by Martina Decker and focuses on how emergent materials and technologies can help us address contemporary issues and challenges. In particular, the lab pursues applications for smart materials and nanotechnology in our designed products and the built environment. This includes materials that can enable interactive and reactive objects as well as architectural environments. The Material Dynamics Lab serves as a vital junction for interdisciplinary innovation, connecting a variety of NJIT’s departments, research centers and specialized labs to generate design solutions to an assortment of problems, including: water conservation and quality, energy conservation and production, health and safety, and security.






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