STEM+ Seminar Spans Science, Art and Humanities

The NJIT Theatre Arts and Technology Program will present the annual STEM+ Seminar co-sponsored by Albert Dorman’s Honors College on Wednesday, October 18 at 2:30 p.m. This series of talks, a free event, will be presented in Ballroom A of the Campus Center.

The 2017 STEM+ panel will include the following NJIT presenters:

Martina Decker, assistant professor, director of the Idea Factory, College of Architecture and Design

Edgardo Farinas, associate professor, Chemistry and Environmental Science, College of Science and Liberal Arts

Amy Hoover, assistant professor, Information Technology, Ying Wu College of Computing

Hyomin Kim, research professor, Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research, College of Science and Liberal Arts

Daphne Soares, assistant professor, Biological Sciences, College of Science and Liberal Arts

Rebekah Rutkoff, assistant professor, Department of Humanities, College of Science and Liberal Arts.

The goal of bringing together presenters whose work spans diverse fields of science, engineering, technology, the arts and humanities is to encourage young artists and those aspiring to careers in science and technology to find artistry in the “+ value” within their fields of study — and to ultimately apply this creative and cooperative perspective to fostering positive change in the world.

NJIT has invited students from Middlesex County Vocational and Technical High School to attend the presentation and add to the fund of creative inspiration that they can draw on for their own projects, including work produced with the support of playwriting workshops sponsored by NJIT, and CGI and film projects. Creative efforts by these and other talented young men and women will be showcased at the Rising Playwrights Festival in January 2018 and the Newark Improv Festival in May.  

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