Master of Architecture (MArch) and Master in Infrastructure Planning (MIP)

A dual degree option is available which pairs an Master of Architecture degree with a Master in Infrastructure Planning. Both graduate programs are offered by the School of Architecture. The dual degree permits students to complete requirements for both degrees in substantially less time than if each degree were pursued separately. This dual degree option is available to those students admitted to the program with advanced standing as well as to those enrolled in the full six semester professional MArch program.

Degree Requirements for Dual MArch and MIP

The dual degree program permits students to obtain the MArch and the MIP degrees in substantially less time than if each degree were pursued separately. MArch students may partially fulfill MIP course work while completing the M.Arch. program of study. After admission to the dual degree program, which normally occurs in the fifth semester of the seven semester program, the following 15 credits will satisfy requirements of both degrees, as follows:

  • MIP 601 Advanced Design Options III (fulfills Arch 506G) (6)
  • MIP 673 Introduction to Infrastructure Planning (3) or MIP 674 Infrastructure Planning in Practice (fulfills Arch electives) (3)
  • MIP 675 Elements of Infrastructure Planning (taken as M.Arch elective) (3)
  • Arch 569G Building and Development (3)

The following 21 credits, some of which are taken concurrently with the final year of the M.Arch program, are required to complete the M.I.P. program.  The net effect is to allow qualified candidates to earn both the MArch and MIP degrees with an additional investment of only one semester.

  • MIP 602 Interdisciplinary Infrastructure Studio II (6)
  • MIP 631 History and Theory of Infrastructure (may be taken as M.Arch. architecture history elective Arch 631H) (3)
  • MIP 652 Geographic Information Systems (3)
  • MIP 655 Land Use Planning (3)
  • Two electives selected in consultation with advisor

Graduates of the MIP program to date have gone on to senior positions in prominent national architectural and engineering firms, to further graduate study at other elite schools of architecture, and staff positions with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, among others.


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