Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The School of Architecture also offers a non-professional four-year undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree Requirements

The BS degree does not lead to licensure as an architect; instead it presents students with a wide array of other options leading to career opportunities within the building industry. Students can be admitted to the BS in Architecture or transfer from the B. Arch program after two years. The BS in Architecture program requires 135 credits and is structured as follows:

The first two years of the BS in Architecture program are identical to the course of study for the five-year professional program. In the third year, all BS students take Arch 363 followed by a computer elective. Thus every student has at least one full year of computer-based learning.

The BS in Architecture is designed to lead into a series of accelerated graduate degrees such as construction management (BS in Architecture/MS in Civil Engineering), infrastructure planning (BS in Architecture/Master in Infrastructure Planning), management (BS in Architecture/MS in Management; BS in Architecture, MBA),  or professional graduate degree in Architecture (BS in Architecture/M.Arch.) leading to licensure.

Course choices will be worked out on an individual basis after consultation with the academic advisor to reflect a student’s individual interests and career objectives. The BS in Architecture provides a wide array of curriculum paths; it is designed to provide a superb general education for all building professionals.

Credit Distribution for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Required Architecture Credits 53
Architecture Electives 21
Free Electives 12
General University Requirements  47